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The Fruit Bearing Family method of parenting helps you SEE CHANGE IN YOUR FAMILY that is sustainable and will impact your family for generations.

Your Challenge Parenting Coach:

My name is Renae Luketic and I am a certified parent and family coach as well as have 25 years of family ministry experience.

Being a certified parent and family coach allows me to help Christian parents see a change in their family by going from just making it through to become a fruit-bearing family that reflects God's heart in their homes. 

In this 5 day Challenge you can expect:

⭐️ GOAL: Create one new parenting and family habit following a 5 step parenting strategy

⭐️ LEARN: Listen to a daily 15 minute video and apply it using the provided printable daily guide.

⭐️ DO: Daily actionable item to apply what you are learning.